Art & Painting Workshops

In Florence, Tuscany and the Cinque Terre Italy With Professional artists for 2006
2004-2006© Angie Elizabeth Brooksby
1 April 2006 updated:
In 2005 workshoppers came from as far as Taiwan, South Africa, Australia, Israel, USA and Canada.  
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Here are a few of the workshops that we suggest:

Painting and art workshops are available on a first come first serve basis. Only two workshops with Angie Brooksby are available each week.


painting in the Florentine Hills



Larger Group & Custom itinerary art workshops

Sizes of groups is to be determined. Custom made itineraries available, let us work with you.

Watercolor or acrylic painting supplies or sketching materials may be chosen for larger groups.

Prices for custom itineraries and large groups to be determined.


Possible custom itineraries:

1. Meet at an location in the hills in Tuscany, (location to be established) and paint from 9AM to 12:30PM .

2. The artist at your villa. Good for VIPs that desire discretion. email for info Max discretion guaranteed.

3. Printmaking for a day in San Gimignano

4. Fill a sketch book in Florence sketching monuments and the cities outdoor cafes and street scenes

5- Master classes in modern figure painting.



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